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This project has been funded by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung, Bürgerstiftung of Ulm and other sponsors.


Our partners from Serbia have a successful media campaign ongoing. Here you can see some of video presentations of our mutual project The Wanted Danube.

  • 18.10.2014, The Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (Serbian: Радио-телевизија Србије – PTC) had showed interest in the project “The wanted Danube” and invited the project coordinator Carmen Stadelhofer as well as partners from Belgrade - Simeon Babic and Lidija Jevremovic, representatives of the “National Foundation for Human Aging Dr Laza Lazarevic” for an interview to Zikina Sarenica during her visit to Belgrade. Mrs Stadelhofer was asked to tell something about the project idea and how can Danube connect the people, how many countries participated but also about their motivation to be involved in the project activities. The interview begins from the minute 16.
  • 26.10.2014, Article published in “Politika”, Magazin Nr. 891. Our partner organisation from Belgrade “National Foundation for Human Aging Dr Laza Lazarevic” keeps doing great media promotion over there. Last week published “Politika”, one of oldest and most famous news papers in Serbia a comprehensive overview of the project “The wanted Danube” . Politika also wrote about the meeting in Belgrade in October 2014 und initiatives for the future projects with the DANET members. 
  • 03.10.2014 After a very successful meeting in Belgrade on 03.10.2014 with representatives of The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, different non-governmental organisation, and institutions we are pleased the read about this meeting on the home page of our partner Association Sport for all Serbia.
  • 03.10.2014, in the Morning program of Radio-Television of Serbia the project "The wanted Danube" had been presented in an interview with Carmen Stadelhofer, project main coordinator and Prof. Simeon Babic, Foundation for Human Aging "Laza Lazarevic"
  • 05.2014, Radio Odzaci invited our partners from Odzaci to present the project activities. Afterwords they published a brief project summary on their home page
  • 29.06.2014, RTV Vojvodina, “Štrikaju stazu celom dužinom Dunava”, a TV report of RTV Vojvodina about the The Wanted Danube in Backa Palanka (Serbia), also published on the internet
  • 20.08.2014, Dnevnik, RTV Vojvodina, Вунени Дунав на улмском тргу, a report on Dnevnik of RTV Vojvodina about the The Wanted Danube in Odzaci (Serbia), published on the internet too. 
  • 28.04. 2014, Our partner from Novi Sad (Serbia) was also the School with children with disabilities. They informed the publicity about the project through their home page.
Besides the links, we are also receiving the scanned media reports and photographs from our partners as some of reports are not available on the internet anymore. All these documents will be archived in our project archive and available upon request.