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Gewollte Donau Wollballen

„The wanted Danube“

A handmade, woollen „Rivercarpet“ made by people coming from all Danube countries In order to demonstrate the solidarity among the Danube countries, the “Danube-Networkers” in Ulm under the coordination of the Institute ILEU started in November 2013 a project involving as many people as possible from all Danube countries - no requirements with respect to age, social background, education and language skills – and ending in July 2014 during the International Danube Festival in a cultural performance.The action is called “Die gewollte Donau/The wanted Danube” for exprime that people want to be connected along the Danube. But also people from all other European countries are invited to take part and to make known to the civil society of the South-East countries by this symbolic action that they are welcome in the common House “Europe” Project’s approach: to crochet a simple woolen handmade band– at it’s best as long as the Danube river (2.857 km) as a symbol of a wanted Danube community and demonstration of our togetherness. The band will be worked on in several steps and ends in an art object that will be presented during the International Danube Festival in Ulm on the 13th of July 2014 on the Cathedral square (Münsterplatz).

Münsterplatz Gewollte Donau Wolle

Afterwards the “Danube-Rivercarpet” will be divided into small pieces and used for social issus. The project is combined with numerous activities in all Danube countries in schools, associations, senior’ organisations and also in a Civil Society action during the Danube festival. By this way the participants get to know better “the others” involved in the project, specially people living in South-East countries along the Danube river and to understand what they do, where and how they live. It is also a chance to talk, to share ideas and experiences and to create ideas for common projects. JOIN US!