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This project has been funded by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung, Bürgerstiftung of Ulm and other sponsors.

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Stand bei der Frühjahrsakademie des ZAWiW der Universität Ulm, Do., 26.3.2015
Stand bei der Jahresversammlung des LandKreisFrauenverbands, Sektion Ulm, Sa., 21.3.2015


Stand bei der Jahreshauptversammlung der Vereinigung Soroptimist International im Hotel Maritim, Ulm, Sa., 14.3.


Ausstellung zum Projekt „Die gewollte Donau“ in der Vitrine der Sparkasse Ulm-Mitte, Mo., 9.3.-2915 -Fr, 24.4.2015


Stand im ViLE-Seminar im Haus auf der Alb, Bad Urach, Do., 19.2. 2015
Stand bei der 4. Ulmer Freiwilligenmesse im EinsteinHaus am Kornhausplatz, Ulm, Sa., 28.2. 2015

Bürgerforum „Mitreden über Europa“, im Stadthaus Ulm, mit Mitgliedern des Europäischen Parlaments, Mo., 30.1.2015


06.12.2014 Sarajevo

01.12.2014, Jamena

The school team from Jamena is happy that they can use some of classrooms now and put the new furniture there.

03.09.2014 Polen

Carpet pieces as sign of friendship and solidarity from friends of the University of the Third Age in Polen.

Ulm, Stadthaus, 13.07.2014

Danube festival, final event in Ulm.

Ulm, 12.07.2014

One day befor Danube festival.

Lodz, Poland, 17.06.2014

Members of the House for all Generations "Bednarska" in Lodz/Polen are  excited by the idea of the project and crochet a piece of friendship band.

Obretenik, Bulgaria, 14.06.2014

Pupils from the Primary School "P. R. Slaveykov", village Obretenik, in the District of Ruse are learning crocheting and where the Danube is going on.

Angyalföld, Hungary, 13.06.2014

Members of the Association Angyalföld, one of the biggest civil society clubs in the  XIII.District of Budapest, are participating in the project "the wanted Danube!

Ottenheim School in Schwanau-Ottenheim, Germany, 09.06.2014

Pupils from classe 7a of  Bärbel von Ottenheim School in Schwanau-Ottenheim take part in the Danube-project.

Ruse, 04.06.2014 

Interview about the project "The wanted Danube" in the Bulgarian Television, with Prof. Dr. Nicolay Mihailov and Prof.Dr. Emily Velikova, Ruse University, and Yordan Kazakov, President of the Pensioners Club, District Ruse 

here is the interview

Ruse 14.05.2014

(note: the date in the image is wrong)

Zagreb, Croatia, 09.05.2014

Pecs, Szechenyi, Hungary, 10.05.2014

Donauwörth, Germany, 06.04.2014

First meeting in Donauwörth on the Danube to support the project "the wanted Danube"


In the „language coffee“ of Rosenfeld young and older women from 44 nations got in contact, made a lot of activities together, improved their german language knowledges… and like to crochet the Danube friendship band.