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"Danube moves us"

Our project The wanted Danube financed by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung was very successful not only in Germany but also in other Danube countries who participated in it. As we all see a great potential to continue with project activities and ensure the sustainability based on hilarious products - wool Water-Carpets and friendship strip, we started a new round of the part project, named The Danube moves us. There are already different events organised and undertaken in Ulm and around and we hope The Danube Moves Us will be continuing on international level as much successful as his predecessor The wanted Danube.

recent actions:

"Markt der kleinen Dinge“, 29.11.2014 und
"kleine Weihnachtsmärkte", 6.12.2014, Ulm lesen Sie hier mehr

Abschlusstreffen: Projekt "Die gewollte Donau", 04.12.2014 lesen Sie hier mehr

"Kreativ-Marathon", 28.09.2014 lesen Sie hier mehr